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Adding fromage frais to this recipe makes the filling refresing and light, perfect for a warm summer's day or the Jubilee. I was part of a team of bloggers and tweeters that had to bake with certain ingredients that help reduce calories in baked goods and cakes. It’s nearly the end of January, and all those promises of eating less after the gargantuan feasts that I indulged in throughout the festive period have flown out of the window like broken New Year’s Resolutions – not that I ever make any resolutions, it’s pointless and I always feel so despondent when I break them.

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Well, they turned out really rather well; the texture was as a normal rock cake/bun and there was a nice soft crumb to them too. Born from her eponymous award winning blog this book contains 160 unique recipes, all beautifully photographed by the author.Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or diet regimen.

Spoon Half Spoon Low Calorie Sugar - Review Stream Silver Spoon Half Spoon Low Calorie Sugar - Review Stream

No idea about the calorie content but when I made some carrot cake muffins using Splenda they tasted far better than the sugary lemon cupcakes served alongside! Half Spoon is granulated sugar with a touch of sweetener; it’s twice as sweet so you only need half as much as regular sugar.It may not be reproduced in any way whatsoever without Wm Morrisons Supermarkets Limited prior consent, nor without due acknowledgement.

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I am always sceptical about low calorie claims anyway, and instinctively know what is low cal and what is not – these are cakes, and therefore the science of how they are made indicates that they will never be low cal!Granted you have to use half the amount of sugar as it contains a very small amount of sweetner to boost its sweetness, BUT surely you have to put more flour in so the ratio of dry to wet ingredients is the same? The volume of the cooked recipes can be less in sponges and cakes, but adding additional baking powder to some recipes can help to overcome this. This calorie conscious take on an English Classic Victoria Spongeis a perfect tea time treat that everyone will love a slice of, so you can bake what you love and enjoy it knowing you're making some healthier baking swaps.


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