Berber Tattooing: in Morocco's Middle Atlas

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However, as part of the Muslim conquests, when Arabs invaded North Africa, most Amazigh people converted to Islam. Siyala often takes the form of a symbolic palm tree tattoo which consists of a simple straight line from the bottom of the lip to the bottom of the chin. Masoudi always wanted to get tattooed, especially because it was a common thing to do when she was young.

It revealed the traditions of the tattoo in their culture, together with insights into the lives that they led. Unpublished for thirty years until now, this beautiful rendition deeply captures the exchanges and interactions between two very different peoples; through their shared art and love of tattooing, cultural barriers like language and customs were overcome and each made to feel as a family by the other.Come and unlock the secrets of Morocco, and discover a world of adventure, history and cultural intrigue on the Nomadic Sahara Tour. From then on we became inseparable as we walked the streets of lower Manhattan, often at night, or sat on the West side piers, or went to rock n roll concerts, or to dirt track races.

The festivities span three days, filled with exuberant singing, dancing, and abundant culinary delights.

The markings also serve as a system of tribal identification and it is possible for learned Bedouins to determine a person's tribe through the tattoos they have. We had collaborated on “Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas” in 2017 and we worked well together once again on this book. Their traditional crafts, including jewellery, pottery, weaving, and henna art, hold great value and have been passed down for generations.


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