H&S Round Hair Brush Blow Dry Drying Boar Bristle 53mm Large Round Barrel Nano Technology Ceramic Ionic Hairbrush

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H&S Round Hair Brush Blow Dry Drying Boar Bristle 53mm Large Round Barrel Nano Technology Ceramic Ionic Hairbrush

H&S Round Hair Brush Blow Dry Drying Boar Bristle 53mm Large Round Barrel Nano Technology Ceramic Ionic Hairbrush

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For full volume, sculpt and perfect your way to beautiful, bouncy curls with the range-topping ghd the blow dryer - radial brush (size 4) . The full-sized ceramic barrel of these brushes retains heat for a faster blow-dry, whilst creating super volume in long hair that lasts. So how do the pros manage to employ round brushes with such precision. How come they don’t get tangled up?

Some hot brushes come with extra attachments such as a rough dryer or a curling tong, too, so you can achieve everything from poker-straight ends to bouncy curls. Everyone knows to clean the alloy face when washing a car. Cleaning the face removes surface contaminants and makes the alloy look far cleaner, but can be rather superficial compared to the inner barrels. This part of a wheel is subject to the worst detritus imaginable and can become a hotspot for corrosion over time (often called pitting). A liberal spraying of fallout spray and a barrel brush will get this embedded grime off with ease. Instead of giving us sleek, dreamy waves and XXL volume at the roots, too often hair just ends up snarled up and knotted round the barrel – which isn't ideal when you're time-poor and crap at hair anyway. Twenty minutes spent coaxing your hair free? No. That sort of patience needs to be stored up and reserved for when we’re going to town with a hair tong or fashioning yourself a snazzy updo. The smaller-barrel ghd ceramic hair brushes – the ghd the blow dryer - radial brush (size 1) and the slightly larger ghd the blow dryer - radial brush (size 2) – are the perfect styling tools for creating that all-important root lift on shorter and choppier hairstyles. Next up, the ghd the blow dryer - radial brush (size 3) is perfect for adding curls to longer hair.

You can use hot air stylers on damp or wet hair, but we recommend towel drying first to remove excess water. Hair is more fragile when wet, so styling at high temperatures will not only damage delicate strands, but you most likely won't achieve the look you're after either. We test all of the hairbrushes we review on our own hair. We use the brushes as recommended on clean, dry hair (or damp hair, where this is recommended) – and, where possible, we test them on more than one hair type. English brand Mason Pearson hasn’t changed its cult-classic Boar and Nylon Bristle brush since 1895 – a testament to its superb design. Mixing the finest premium-grade boar-bristle with nylon, the brush is exceptionally gentle on the hair and scalp, so it’s perfect for fine, delicate textures that are easily damaged. Got long or coarse hair that takes forever to blow-dry? Try a round brush with a vented ceramic barrel, which helps retain heat and speeds up drying time. If you’ve got fine hair and want to add a lot of volume and bounce, O’Connor says you may want to try a large metal round brush, which “can help mimic a curling iron, giving hair more staying power.” Barrel brushes can be used for more than just alloys too. Car grilles, exhausts, intricate styling features and engine bays will have their fair share of hard-to-clean nooks that a barrel brush can be used in too. Just make sure it's clean first. What to look for in a good barrel brush:

The smaller the brush, the more root lift (on short hair) and a tighter curl," says Gorka. "The medium size brushes will give volume on longer hair and a soft wave. A big round brush will give a good amount volume and a slight bend to the end, giving a very soft, flowing look,” he explains. If your alloys are going to their job and improve the look of your car, they need to be clean, and the best way to keep them sparkling is with a good cleaner and a brush designed for the task. A good brush has to be tough enough to clean effectively, but not to the point where it could damage the lacquer finish. But if your wheels have a particularly complex design, you might need to buy two brushes to reach every part. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for keeping in your handbag when you’re on the go, too – so if you’re treating yourself to just one hairbrush, the Wet Brush deserves to be top of your list.The EZ Detail brushes are excellent tools for cleaning all the inner workings of any vehicle. Safely clean between spokes and forks and all the hard to reach places. In reality, though, massaging your scalp on its own using just this brush can help stimulate circulation, just as most hair oils will take the place of Aveda’s somewhat expensive version. Also, consider what alloy wheels you have. If the design is particularly intricate it’s best to look at getting a detailing brush with a tapered head so you can get into those hard-to-reach areas. These can also be used for cleaning your car’s grille, once the brush has been cleaned, of course. Can I use an alloy wheel brush on non-alloys? Because barrel brushes are so simple, there are really only three things worth considering when buying:

Most blow-dry brushes are round (also known as barrel brushes). This type of brush is ideal for creating fullness and body when drying hair. You'll also find some paddle-style brushes designed for blow-drying. With a paddle brush, make sure you get something with adequate venting, like the Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Vented Hairbrush. This will encourage hot air to flow through, helping to reduce drying time and minimize damage.

Tame your tresses with our selection of top hairbrushes

Plus, brushing spreads sebum to make your hair stronger (sounds disgusting, we know), and this can help with greasiness. What type of hairbrush should I use? The best wheel brushes differ slightly from regular brushes for cars will avoid exposed metal because metal can leave nasty scratches on your freshly cleaned alloys. Sky Kim is a hair expert and professional based in New York City, with over a decade of experience. She is currently a hairstylist at Jenna Perry Hair Studio, and is a member of Byrdie's Beauty & Wellness Review Board. What to Look For in a Blow-Dry Brush Shape Here’s our selection of the best hairbrushes, of various types and for all hair textures; read on to find the perfect brush for your style. To prevent the bristles from getting caught, gently twist the brush in one direction while removing it. The brush will slide into most nooks and crannies. If you find one that it won’t, do not force it!

Unsure which brush to choose? “The size of the brush makes all the difference,” says Gorka Arraras, Head of Creative at Charles Worthington Salons. Your hair length will determine what barrel size will work best for you. In general, a wide barrel will give tons of volume, but it might not work so well on shorter hair, while a smaller barrel will give more of a curl. If the bristles become matted, rinse them in hot tap water and hang the brush to dry or use a blow dryer on low setting. We also used a Bossa Nova Shuffle machine to analyse how frizzy hair got after styling with each hot brush and exposure to humidity.As for lasting power. “Bristle brushes with metal in the middle tend to hold the heat, therefore they act like a hot roller, so the style will last longer,” adds Gorka. Here are five of the best round brushes for every style Round brushes come in different sizes, usually between 1 to 4 inches in diameter. Smaller barrel brushes are generally better for drying and styling shorter haircuts, whereas larger brushes work best for longer hair. Additionally, medium and large brushes can be used to straighten hair or create loose waves while drying. Most feature a metal centre with bristles attached, and have to be used with care to prevent scratching the wheels. They vary in size, but longer brushes make it easier to clean the inside of the wheel. How we tested them I’d written off round brushes. Yes, they look fantastic when wielded by a salon stylist, but when you’re late to work and trying to rip one out of your hair, they can seem like a heinous tool designed only to torture our poor strands.

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