None of This is True: The new addictive psychological thriller from the #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of The Family Upstairs

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In walks a blonde, well dressed, attractive ‘Birthday Queen’ and this proves to be podcaster Alix Summer with a big crowd including husband Nathan. Josie has been listening to Alix’s podcasts and thinks she might be an interesting subject for her series.

Alix Summers, a popular podcaster, is out celebrating her forty-fifth birthday when she meets her birthday twin Josie Fair. There is also some clever writing on show, as some seemingly harmless things are mentioned early on which become important later.It doesn't end there, these two women seemingly share frustrations with each of their respective partners. If I had my MSW daughter read this she would say Josie's actions throughout the book all stemmed from that unresolved trauma and she wouldn't be wrong. I knew there was one more thing I could give myself (as at this point I still didn’t really truly know what had happened or who to believe) and to the reader, that would absolutely make sense of everything at the same time as turning everything on its head, and so when I wrote that epilogue and saw what had really happened through the lens of Josie’s warped and broken mind, I was as shocked as I expect my readers to be.

This year she thought of the honeyed glow of the Lansdowne, the buzz of chatter, the champagne in ice buckets on outdoor tables on warm summer days, and she thought of the little bit of money her grandmother had left her last month in her will, and she’d looked at herself in the mirror and tried to see herself as the sort of person who celebrated her birthday in a gastropub in Queen’s Park and she’d said, “We should go out for dinner. Josie seems to be fixated on Alix and is curious about Alix’s marriage which is also somewhat troubled. Q: Were there any plot and character revelations you were especially excited to finally give the reader?

Alix is a successful journalist, and Josie convinces Alix that her story is worth telling: Josie met her husband when she was 13 and he was 40. We are—well, ask Bigfoot, as Brooks does in this delightful yarn, following on his bestseller World War Z (2006).


EAN: none of this is true: a novel


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