The Ultimate UK Ninja Speedi Cookbook 2023: A Complete Guide with 100 Speedi Recipes for UK Beginners to Master Ninja Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer

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You have to remove the (heavy) domed lid to check the progress of your food, and when you put the lid back in place, I found the machine was slow to restart. By using the Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. The above photo is what it looks like with the pressure cooker lid on and the air fryer lid lifted up.

Metric Units and UK Ingredients: All the content and recipes are in metric units, and the ingredients are easy to get in UK. If you want to make a one pot meal like our chicken thighs and rice dish you’ll want to use the lid that is NOT attached.

Strangely there was nothing on how to cook rice, which is a key ingredient in most of the Speedi recipes, though thankfully there was enough detail in the meal guide for us to piece together some instructions.

Rather than submerging food in oil, air fryers use very little – in our tests we used one tablespoon of oil as standard – to bake food quickly.While that cooks chicken tenders through, it isn’t quite long enough to get that really crispy fried finish. Excess oil in an air fryer will drop through the grate onto the bottom of the air fryer, burn, and smoke.

If you want to start from scratch with dry beans and NO soaking required, try our Ninja Foodi 15 bean soup recipe. It’s a hugely versatile gadget, with 1,500 Watts of power and 11 cooking modes (including steam, boil, sous vide and slow cook, as well as pressure cook and air fry) that make it perfect for one-pot meals.

However, the Ninja Foodi MAX PRO does come with the best recipe booklet of any of the models I tested, with a broad range of meat, fish and vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and even air-fried desserts. Creamy, but still with healthy ingredients, you can try this Ninja Foodi potato leek soup some night with a side of rolls.


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