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I can’t say that Konami didn’t include enough content, but the choice to include these particular games (instead of splitting all seven games into separate Big Boss and Solid Snake collections, for example) eliminates the sense of completeness that often comes from compilations.

What MGS 2 does gain (as do the other two remasters in the package) is a smooth new 60fps framerate. So that's all three of the games in this collection summed up, I recommend this collection to all and any Metal Gear fans and it's a great opportunity for those thinking of giving the Metal Gear franchise a go, which you'll either fall in love with, or not like, depending on your tastes in gaming.

Its lovingly crafted outdoor environments, full of trees, grass, and wildlife, are full of detail and texture were lost to the PS2’s low resolution. Furthermore, if you’ve already managed to make a good bit of progress in the PSP version of the game, this version features “Transfarring,” which allows you to import your save file from (or export it to) the PSP version. The Japanese release of the compilation, titled Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, only includes Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3, even on the home console versions.

The game mostly takes place indoors, which means lots of clean polygons and smooth surfaces that already looked fine in SD and thus don’t show much improvement in HD. Maybe those hours could have been better spent, but I loved playing and replaying both titles until I knew them backwards and forwards.

Raiden, Snake and Big Boss are personal friends -- characters that have helped some players through troublesome times and created cherished memories of blowing off class to master close-quarters combat.


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