Lords of Uncreation: An epic space adventure from a master storyteller (The Final Architecture Book 3)

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Patiesu prieku sagādāja tas, ka autors stāstu bija izstrādājis jau no pirmās grāmatas (vismaz tāds iespaids radās) un tādēļ neviena grāmata nešķita atrauta no pārējām. Pasaule ir izveidota perfekti, palīdz arī tas, ka notikumi tiek apskatīti tieši tik daudz cik vajadzīgs grāmatai, neieslīgstot pārmērīgās detaļās.

She is captured and becomes a spy-on-the-inside against her friends but nothing comes of that except to get her on the same ship as her friends so she can escape. Tchaikovsky has created a remarkable trilogy that repays close reading and captures the fullness of the worlds we live in and the choices we are forced to make. Not showy, but engaging, with vivid descriptions, that don't overstay their welcome and punchy, sometimes very funny dialogue.It is pointless to the rest of the novel and story; it treads THE EXACT SAME GROUND as the second half of Eyes of the Void. My thanks to Orbit and Netgalley for an advance review copy of Lords of Uncreation on which to base this review, consisting solely of my own opinions. When powered up, all the fragments form a single hull, though separated by great spaces, and, with the Eye at its center, a hopefully impregnable fortress against the Architects who had, thus far, avoided injuring any surviving Originator artifacts.

The familiarity is hardly the book’s fault, but when an author is as innovative as Tchaikovsky, familiarity isn’t what I’m here for. Sure the prose is slightly purple; the technobabble is piled high and deep and it's more science fantasy than science fiction.Closing the covers of my hardcover edition and putting the book back on its shelf had me sigh contently.

This made me feel all the feels and even had me reduced to tears (see a particular status update) and the pages raced by with he holding on during this mad dash for dear life.This picks up just where the prior installment left off and utilized the same main characters as previously, oscillating among them as the narrative unfolds.


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