Is it Bedtime Yet?: Parenting ... the Hilarious, the Hair-raising, the Heart-breaking

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Some essays were perfect for the exact stage I’m in - juggling the intense needs of a newborn and a three year old - and some which gave me valuable insight into the years ahead. wonders mommy out loud, as she clears the tables, the chairs, the floor and wonders how a spoonful of peanut butter landed on the refrigerator door.

And pretty much all your tired parent friends – they could all use this book on their bedside table, to make them laugh, weep and feel seen and understood and not alone.

The essay format is pretty much perfect for busy parents who don't necessarily have the time or energy to retain a storyline for long!

The procedure itself was so minor that it’s hardly worth writing about, except to say that the urologist had the decency to ensure that his hands were warm, there was sport on the television screen on the ceiling (the grown man’s equivalent of the Wiggles), and he even paid me a compliment on the spaciousness of my scrotum. And the mum (who tried her best but needed a rest and was sometimes a complete idiot), said, ok you stay here and I’ll try and get your brother back to sleep.

Mommy cleans the table from supper and enjoys a moment of silence at the kitchen table as she sips her next coffee.


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