Stripped and Spanked by The Boss (Gay, Discipline, Spanking)

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My long hair was what attracted the attention of some 40ish guys who were convinced young guys with long hair deserve to have their asses whipped. A North Carolina school district abolishes corporal punishment, though many local parents would have wished it kept. On opening the trunk, a sheet of A4 paper with my uncle’s handwriting was the first thing I noticed.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a glass-topped table displaying a martinet and a beastly-looking riding crop. When he opened the Impala, he allowed himself a moment to observe how Sam had messed it up and he sighed, dejected: his brother was soaked to the skin from head to toe.At this point he brought his face real close to mine and I remember smelling his sour, cigarette-smoke breath. Bobby stood there with his tee shirt pushed up to his armpits so his big hard pecs were fully exposed and his shorts and . Oh no, now it’s my turn … Eighteen years old and about to go over uncle’s knee for my first-ever bare-bottomed spanking.

And at first his ass felt warm and nice, and he was even getting a slight erection, even though it stung a little. To my horror, I realised that the shoulders of our tunics were torn and ragged and our bare skin showed through, grimy and sweaty.

Swearing under our breath, we hoisted the sacks and carried them across our shoulders, the thin tunics offering no protection from the sharp and lumpy coal. I arched the cane and eyed the long curve, visualising it whipping round the contours of my bare behind with full intent. After my fitful sleep, I decided to take a cab back to my uncle’s place as I didn’t feel up to driving.


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