Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit

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Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit

Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit

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This short book covers a huge array of subjects in a very concise manner: The Death Experience; -NDEs; Planes of Existence: Guides; The Devil and things evil; Imprints; Walk-ins; etc. I HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF SPEAKING to and communicating with the spirits of the dead, a definite no-no in religious circles.

Not because it makes me positively delusional or complacent about life but it makes sense to me, it just fits in, in the grander scheme of things. The tapestry is ALIVE and shows all lives that have ever been lived, each life represented by a thread in the tapestry. D: It seems as if he could have found an outlet for it in more creative form, even though his father wouldn't allow him to do that. Allow the reader to determine for themselves if there is any subject bias based on culture, upbringing, family life, religion, gender, etc.I find it fascinating that the physical entity is not conscious of having acquired another soul (and lost its previous one). This book was recommended to me in preparation for a hypnosis session with a student of the author's. Pain … when you deal with the higher conscious level of your mind and remove yourself to the pure light and the pure thought; the pain ceases to be.

Its not essential for anyone to have a regression for this book to benefit for it covers everything, this authors style of writing is easy to read and there is something for everyone so to speak.It is quite intriguing that people from different religious backgrounds, geographies, races, cultures, age groups have a similar story to tell from their deepest consciousness. THE MOST COMMON DESCRIPTIONS I have found of the moment when death occurs is that there is a feeling of coldness and then suddenly the spirit is standing by the side of the bed (or wherever) looking at their body. this book is mind blowing ,I’m so lucky I’ve stumbled upon dolores cannon’s work and I’m looking forward to read her other books. So I will choose carefully to get one where I can experience many things and therefore limit my trips back. The following is a description of the moment of release by a woman in her 8o’s who was dying of old age.

The book is the collection of conversation between author and various other regressed people who gives information on other side after death. And Jack the Ripper who tortured and killed people in horrific ways that ain’t so bad because the souls involved made a “contract” before reincarnation. I like the reference to an inverted pyramid when talking about the spirit hierarchy: Source is the root of everything, but it is all the guides and spirits and mortals that give meaning to existence in the largest base section, instead of the typical God/elite being at the top and the “lower classes” in servitude. This book has given me so much peace knowing that there is more to life than one's depressed mind might allow them to see . I hope people can learn to see birth and dying as evolutional cycles that each person goes through many times and are thus a natural part of their soul’s growth.I don’t really understand why, unless they are afraid of what they might find and would rather stick with known and familiar situations which they are positive they can handle. Beautiful read for those who know and believe in the limitations of our physical existence, not very convincing for those who don't yet see through it and are looking for an impressive external reason to do so and an absolute hogwash for those who discard the intangible metaphysical realm as paranoia of the tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. What is fascinating is that all these books, from different authors working with many different patients, say more or less the same things. In the chapter on different levels of existence, we learn that the level of the Earth is considered a fifth level, while you find elementals on the first level, these containing a basic energy of pure emotions and energies. He said, "There’s a lower astral plane, and that’s where the degenerates live who want to live lives of greed and lust and don’t want to move up.

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