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The title, which is scrawled onto the wall behind her 'I'll Take My Leave Of You’ is subtle but when seen makes this piece whole-heartedly positive as it shows her determination to beat her curse. Her face is abstract, showing 2 sides to her (more on this later) and at the point where her curse is being lifted suggesting that she and those who have fought to save her have won.Editions featuring Alan Silvestri's complete score are in a separate master release, Alan Silvestri - Back To The Future | Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. I always look for a hook within the original narrative that captures my imagination and where there is a particular character that I feel empathy and interest with.

No Time To Die ’ was due to be released that year and I wanted to mark the finale of his fifteen-year tenure as Bond with something special.

We are available to book for live shows and events, as well as bespoke licensed music for videos, commercials, TV, film and more. Including everlasting pop classics such as 'Power of Love' and 'Back In Time' by Huey Lewis and The News, as well as songs by Lindsey Buckingham, Eric Clapton, Etta James, score suites by Alan Silvestri and of course Marty McFly's brilliant (if interesting) interpretation of Chuck Berry's Johnny B.

Whats not to like here, Its a Picture Disc, its the original soundtrack and it is its 30th anniversary. What we see is the moment that the Delorean is rising up from the sea bed and heading up to the surface for air, what happens after this or what kick started it is open to interpretation, I’ve simply set the scene. Key details from the dance are positioned on the ocean floor with the glow of the lights in the distance hinting at a stage, there is a sense of movement from the shifting sands caused by the Delorean, exposing further details.I lost my way with several of them after that but became drawn to them more for the beautiful introductions that showcase the lead song, they are works of art in themselves. So the character that you see then becomes someone that many more can relate to for so many a reason where they are looking at a female who is stalked by her own Dracula - her demons that she fights daily when the darkness replaces light. Never before released on Vinyl, Silvestri's score is incredibly iconic, and essential for soundtrack collectors.


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