After the Silence: a twisty page-turner of deadly secrets and an unsolved murder investigation

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years ago, Nessa Crowley was discovered dead in the Kinsella's back garden following a huge party, and a storm. Years later a documentary about the tragedy is on the cards, threatening the fragile peace that really was never that peaceful. It did clear up some issues that were raised earlier in the book but still I wanted a real 'twist' that had me shocked.

While her first marriage highlights the more apparent examples of domestic abuse, her second husband is far from perfect. This book is full of intrigue and intensity, with a really great past and present storyline interspersed with interview dialogue between the documentary crew and the locals on the island. The victim is one of the community’s beloved daughters – one of three sisters revered from the moment they were born.From an early age, we teach girls—intentionally and unintentionally—that their beauty is tied to their self worth. Keelin strikes up an unlikely friendship with one of the filmmakers, and does everything in her power to protect Henry and Alex from the consequences of the true events of that night.

I was really excited to get my hands on a copy as I’ve devoured Louise O’Neill’s previous feminist focused fiction. The blame game is dealt with well - if you're vulnerable (always put down as indicated in the story (weight, appearance, isolation and shame, etc.

After the Silence also touches upon why it is women in particular who read/consume stories about true crime and crime fiction, especially when the stories are also concerning women - and why is the media so drawn to a particular type of woman (young, white, slim, beautiful) when it comes to telling these stories.

The murder is unsolved, and the islanders presume either Henry or Keelin responsible, although nothing has ever been proven. Social control, church, and even doctors (generally men) made 'leaving an abuser impossible for most women.Louise O’Neill’s writing is astute and restrained, holding back the most important details and allowing readers to connect the dots themselves.


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