kenable 3.5mm 4 Pole METAL Solder Jack Plug For Audio and Video Soldering End

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Leads came back today and they're great - will definitely use you again and recommend you to my friends - very impressive service and quality - you lot are the best - what you do is pretty unique. The quality of manufacturing seems to be satisfactory but it's not clear how to connect wires to this plug.

Soldering is impossible; heat required to melt solder onto (well fluxed) barrel melts the internal plastic spacer making it short out. pole cables have three black rings on the tip and carry the standard left and right audio connections as well as data / voice signals. Some mention it's a top quality product, built well, and has small connectors, while others say that it' s cheaply built, flimsy, and not a heavy duty cable.

Connect the female socket to your cellphone / smartphone microphone and the male jack to computer or camera.

Most modern phones are supplied with a 4 pole headset these unlike standard stereo connections also have a 3rd black ring on the tip of the jack to allow for hands free actions or to carry a microphone signal. It has added hitherto untapped functionality to a couple of now joined (by your cable) late 1980’s pieces of hi-fi equipment. Ich habe einen Lötkolben mit varierbarer Temperatur verwendet und obwohl ich die Plastikisolation zwischen den einzelnen Kontakten fast vollständig geschmolzen habe, war das Resultat immer noch zufriedenstellend: Das Control-Teil inklusive Mikrofon funktioniert einwandfrei und die Tonqualität ist genauso gut wie vorher.Hi, yesterday I did not know what a NEMA5-15RX or a IP44-110/16p were but with the excellent help of Olly and Lou of Leads Direct I now own these items. I recommend you to a lot of people - I've told a lot of colleagues and contacts at other companies how good you are. jack does not fit fully into their phone, computer, or Xbox controller, and that the connection to the tip is especially small and inaccessible.

metal audio jack t toughened at the ends , which prevents the jack termination points from bending at sharp angles, in turn reducing the risk of damage.aux jack it is perfect as a jack plug for mobile phones audio outputs in particular those with power charger cases such as MFI certified cases where previously only standard headphones would fit, making it perfect for extending through small headphone connecting gaps to allow you to plug in your headphones with a 0. I think you should have a section on your web site saying that you can make leads for early Quad stuff. While the package took a little longer than expected, this was due to a damaged packaging label, which was communicated through the messaging system so I wouldn’t be concerned by any delay.


EAN: 4 pole 3.5 mm jack


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