Games Workshop Warhammer 40000: Eldritch Omens

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Games Workshop Warhammer 40000: Eldritch Omens

Games Workshop Warhammer 40000: Eldritch Omens

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A great deal of effort has been spent on ensuring the setting and narrative aspects of the box are fully established and explored, and whilst it’s somewhat predictable, it is nonetheless quite good fun. There are 2 sprues are for the Forgefiend/Maulerfiend, 1 for the Autarch, 1 for the Warpsmith, 1 for the Chosen, 1 for the Shroud Runners and 1 for the Rangers. The Aeldari sprues, for example, are laden with parts, whilst the Forgefiend looks to be made of barely any parts whatsoever. These include the emblems of all the major Craftworlds and unaligned Chaos legions, so you can customise the force to suit your tastes and allegiances.

On the “fast” front they have a standard Asuryani jetbike move of 16″, and get to do a Normal Move at the start of the first battle round for that full distance (as long as they don’t end it within 9″ of the enemy). With both these units, the big question is whether they go up to A3 base (fingers crossed), but as long as they do they should now be pretty strong at their jobs. Also found in the book is a new Theatre of War – Goliath Down, which offers a warband of plucky Aeldari underdogs all the cunning Ruses they’ll need to evade, sabotage, and destroy the enemy’s biggest threats… such as D’vok’s frenzied or Combat Patrol you have a nice start of an army here with each of the forces just some Crusade content to use with them! Many Aeldari players are looking to split the box and while the Chaos Space Marine codex is certain, the release of these specific plastic kits is unknown.

However, if you're really only looking for a fuller contingent of forces for either army, this release may not contain enough models from either side for you. Beyond that, both factions have been knocking around a while, so there are plenty of figures available for both Chaos Space Marines and the Aeldari – though you may want to wait a few months and see what else is announced and released, as we certainly haven’t heard the last of the denizens of the Craftworlds at the very least.So bad news Chaos Space Marine players – we don’t get any new rules here, simply the existing profiles! For each five Rangers, you can now take either a Gloom Field (giving a limited version of their old -1 to hit, working as Dense Cover while outside 18″) or a Wireweave Net.

It is worth noting that these are on big flying bases, which is potentially fairly advantageous for what they’re trying to do – it makes it easier to toe them onto Light Cover, and means that a squad can block off quite a large amount of space if you’re willing to sacrifice them. It’s interesting that this planet is explicitly an Exodite world and we even get passages talking about dinosaur riding Aeldari!There’s a stillness to them one may expect of a group of camouflaged snipers or scouts – and that’s fine. Finally, we arrive at the only figure in the box that isn’t completely new: the Forgefiend (or the Maulerfiend, if you chose to build one of those).

There’s plenty more background provided in the book, with the setting of the Nachmund War (also the setting for the next Kill Team release) explored fairly thoroughly, as well as a good look at both the Aeldari and the Black Legion’s history and what brought them both to this particular planet at this particular point in the far future. These grant a 12″ FLY move, and let the unit move 2d6″ with Battle Focus at a risk of a Mortal on a double 1″, very much increasing the chance that they’ll be able to scuttle to safety. For a long time, the formula for the miniatures in the battlebox has been to include two units of existing figures for each warring faction, and a new hero model for each side.It’s worth pointing out here that weapons and parts are fully compatible across the two allowing you to mix and match!

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